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We now sell Electric Bikes !

E-bikes from the French company O2Feel are now available to buy at Vélos 89.


We were a bit sniffy about e-bikes, personally, but we had a request from Headwater Holidays to research and buy the best electric bikes for their customers.

It was an eye-opener. We trialled the range of O2Feel bikes and the result turned our scepticism on it's head.

Two years later, Headwater offers e-bikes to more and more of their customers on cycling holidays in Europe and personally, we are sold !

It's not just about being unfit and needing assistance, it's about being able to ride for longer distances or to visit a friend who lives along a hilly route, without taking the car. It's about being able to accompany your fitter partner on a weekend cycle.

You still need to turn the pedals but with three levels of power and by using the gears you can choose how much you want to exercise. It is a very clever system.

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