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Road Bike

Our road bike can be your winter training bike, or your CycloSportif road bike.

It can take you up Le Mont Ventoux, Le Tourmalet or Box Hill.

It's not the most exotic or the lightest road bike out there - but then it's all about fitness .... and your budget.

For the group-set, the choice is yours from Shimano Sora to Ultegra.

Keith built this bike for himself, now it's the only one he rides. Here's one of his quotes :

Power, speed and endurance. These things don't come from a carbon frame. They come from you.


Road Bike Spec Sheet

  • Lightweight Alu frame
  • Shimano Sora and up 
  • Light Aluminium Forks
  • There's a large choice, come in and take a look
  •  Race wheels
  •  Handlebars to suit your size