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Well I didn't quite make it to the summit. I cycled 15k - as far as Chalet Reynard on the Mont Ventoux before the battery ran out ! But I was cycling on the most severe section from Bédoin, about 11k climb at up to 10%.

Keith had hired a carbon framed bike from Bédoin and he was drafting my e-bike, or wheel-sucking ....  But I had trouble trying to control the speed - I kept pulling away from him.

I'll have to practice better control for our next attempt.

Keith carried on to the summit while I had several hot chocolates at the Chalet Reynard café. October can be chilly up there.

The descent was amazing. My e-bike is a good deal heavier than the hired carbon bike so I was whizzing down at over 50kph and I loved the experience despite being very cold.

The magic of the day was being able to share a ride with Keith who is very much fitter that me. I never imagined that I could cycle up one of the mythical mountains of the Tour de France (well nearly).

Judith Smith